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What is the inBUSclub?

The ”inBUSclub” is an association that aims at safeguarding, preserving and promoting transportation and communications systems within the historical, political and economical context in which these operated through the salvage, study, restoration and exhibition of vehicles and related memorabilia and also by organising cultural events such as rallies, meetings, exhibitions and conferences.


As from 1998, when the renewal of Trieste’s bus fleet started, the problem of saving the old buses that had served the city for many years from scrap came into being. Some of these machines had technical and bodywork characteristics that made them unique pieces, specially made for service in Trieste. The best examples are the Fiat 418 and the Fiat 416 with Desimon bodywork, with the front entrance door placed behind the forward axle to protect the driver’s cab (which was already on the left) from the strong gusts of Bora wind. Or the surviving Menarini buses from the Muggia transport board, which was independent until 1977, when the ACT consortium was set up.
Thanks to the help of the directorate of the Azienda Consorziale Trasporti at first, and then of Trieste Trasporti S.p.A., this salvage operation was possible, guaranteeing the preservation and promotion of the vehicles.
At present the main activity of the Association is aimed at preserving and restoring these machines, but we intend to extend this activity also to other forms of transport such as trams, trucks and trolleybuses.

Preserved vehicles

Most of the preserved vehicles belonged to the local transport company and have structural characteristics that distinguish them from the standard Italian national production buses. Nonetheless the transport preservation activity has brought to the salvage of vehicles from different parts of the region and from other cities in Northern Italy, Thanks to the constant collaboration of Trieste Trasporti S.p.A. it has been possible to store these in a protected, but at the same time accessible area.

Our concerns

Our main concerns regard the preservation of those vehicles that are stored outdoors exposed to the elements; we pay great attention and welcome any suggestions, help and cooperation aimed at finding an indoor facility for storing these “fragments of history” of local public transport.

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